Resin Art Bundle

Resin Art Bundle

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This bundle is made up of 7 (seven) patterns that work really well in resin art.  Save yourself the time of adding them to your cart one by one, and save yourself some cash in the process!  All the patterns are one time use.

Contents are one of each of the following -

1. The Tree Pattern (6x6 inches)

2. Hearts and Circles Pattern (max 7 inches)

3. Celtic Knot Pattern (approx 8 inch diameter)

4. Twisted Star Pattern (8x8 inches)

5. Ocean Waves Pattern (8x8 inches)

6. The Tunnel Pattern (8x8 inches)

7. Perspective Waves Pattern (8x8 inches)

These 3D printed parts sit flat against the canvas or base allowing the artist to stick them in place using a thin coat of resin.  The artist can then pour resin into the different areas creating beautiful personalized intricate geometric patterns. 

It is intended that the pattern remain a permanent part of the finished piece combining your favorite method with the crisp lines and symmetry of the 3D printed part. 

The patterns are all 1/16" thick giving plenty of depth for your resin.  Please note sizes are approximate as there is some shrinkage when the part is removed from the printer.   All patterns are produced from metallic copper PLA.  

We try to make the patterns as robust as possible by using high quality PLA+ material and through careful design.  However, please note that it has to be a thin walled part to leave some space for you to add color and therefore may be damaged if not handled carefully. 

Please Note - Price is for the 3D printed parts only.  Canvases, boards, resin and paint etc not supplied

For an example of the patterns being used please watch the embedded video in each product description or visit our YouTube Channel at

Buying the bundle is equivalent to a 10% discount (approx) over the cost of the individual items.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yvonne Ford

The bundle I purchased was terrific, exactly as the photo showed and arrived in a good time even though some of the pieces were warped a little, but they resent sent items after verifying photos without hesitation

A Great variety

A nice variety of shapes and designs to use any way I want! They are well made and lightweight. I can't wait to use each one of them!

Nicole Rafferty
Absolutely beautiful

I have not had a chance to use them, but they are absolutely beautiful and I will update soon.