Honeycomb and Bees Template Kit.
Honeycomb and Bees Template Kit.
Honeycomb and Bees Template Kit.
Honeycomb and Bees Template Kit.

Honeycomb and Bees Template Kit.

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Make your own version of our "Honeycomb and Bees" mixed media artwork with this easy to use kit. 

Contents - 3 walking Bees, 4 Flying Bees, and 1 honeycomb - all physical 3D Printed parts.

The recommended method for this piece is as follows - 

1. Stick the 3D printed honeycomb in place using a layer of Epoxy resin.

3. Stick the bees to a sheet of plastic or a silicone sheet using either epoxy resin or a removable adhesive.

4. Once cured, fill the honeycomb with colored resin or paint of your choosing.  You can go realistic honey and beeswax colors or you can go abstract.

5. Color the bees in the same way.

6. Once cured remove the bees and stick them onto the honeycomb or next to it to create a unique scene.

Note - This template will also work well as window art

It is intended that the pattern remain a permanent part of the finished piece.  The pattern can be permanently fixed to a canvas, aluminum composite panel, a mirror or other substrate as the artist decides.

We try to make the pattern as robust as possible by using high quality PLA material and through careful design.  However, please note that it has to be a thin walled part to leave some space for you to add color and therefore may be damaged if not handled carefully. 

Please Note - Price is for the 3D printed parts only.  Canvases, boards, resin and paint etc not supplied

For an example of the patterns being used please watch the embedded video or visit our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/@PourAwayFluidArts/videos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Patti Jilson

I love all your products and recommend them to anyone who likes doing resin to try them. Best on the market!!

Sarah Edwards
Bee Tray

A bit different. Thin layer of epoxy to glue the template down and then top coated in more epoxy to make it flat and level once the honey and bees were finished and fully cured. It worked really well. Was going to gift it but think I might keep it for myself 😆

christine Ewington

I haven’t got to this one yet, going to tackle it soon, I know I’ll love it

Milagros Capella
Honeycomb and bees template

Well I made the first one and I had people fighting over it before I finished it. Little tricky to fill all the little bees but after a while day I did it. Love it so much I’m waiting on another order.


Fast delivery, packaged perfect, piece was made exactly as described. Will definitely order from company again. Highly recommend!